Diamond merchant adding retail sales to wholesale business. Wished to be able to manage inventory and client communications through custom admin tools.
Built several tools to manage site content including inventory, customer correspondences, sales, featured items and copy.
New retail revenue stream increased total revenues by 40% in first year and has increased each year since.
Client needed CMS and admin tools to facilitate sizeable data entry for north/south pole tour site.
Built numerous well-designed tools to manage site content. Components include content and client management tools.
This allowed a single staff person to re-enter all data to the new site in 2 months. (This originally took 10 months of data entry on the old site.)
Theater Website desired to publish reviews and other theater info more expeditiously. Also wanted to market discount theater tickets online.
Built several tools to manage site content. Build member section to manage member data for more heavily discounted ticket sales. Managed 2 designers.
Editors able to handle an increase of more than twice the information about theaters and ticket sales.
Kidney Foundation's CME Department wanted to be able to write dynamic tests for their programs that could be immediately graded for medical industry web visitor's.
Built pages for:
  • web based tests, including realtime grading and certification
  • CME Department: admin tools for managing the client information, tests and test results
Allowed the Kidney Foundation's CME Department to:
  • allow dynamic construction, grading and management of the tests
  • automate what was previously a manual process
A freelance life coach with a national client base had outgrown her static brochure website.
Built tools for:
  • client-managed personal webpages
  • articles management
  • scheduling
  • automated newsletter construction and transmittal
Allowed The Creative Seed to:
  • become a multi-service database-driven interactive website
  • double the scope of marketing outreach
  • more than triple client subscriptions
  • reduce staff
Website for children founded and managed by MIT Media Lab graduates needed tools to keep up with publishing demands of creative teams.
Built content management system.
Writers took charge of publishing site content.
List broker sought to increase revenues from list sales.
Under the website name, designed and built an online tracking/feedback system used by the distributor network. Components include reporting and client management tools.
List broker could track effectiveness of lists he compiled and sent out. This increased revenues for all the lists tracked by this system.
Cold Fusion, SQL Server, XHTML/CSS
Leading merchant for palmtop hardware & software seeking to expand sales through a website.
Build management tools for inventory, wholesalers & retailers.
  • Rapid growth of online customer base.
  • New revenue stream emerged from wholesalers & retailers that market software using's shopping cart and credit card fulfillment mechanism.